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Uncontested Divorce

Attorney Represented Uncontested Matters

In some situations people have discussed all the issues between themselves, disclosed all their finances, and reached agreements on all the issues. However they do not want to use a DIY kit because of the time, the learning curve, and the risk of making errors. In that situation I can represent one of the parties by preparing and filing an uncontested case.


An uncontested case is one in which both parties cooperate by voluntarily signing settlement documents before the divorce is filed. Although I can only represent one party, I can prepare all the documents needed for both parties to execute. The flat fee for an uncontested matter is $2,500.


Give me the details of your agreement. I will draft all the necessary documents. When you approve of the drafts we will submit them to your spouse for his/her consideration.

Your spouse will not be served. There will be no deadline within which he/she has to sign the documents. The process relies on mutual cooperation.


When the documents are signed by both of you and returned to my office, I will file them with the court. About five weeks after the documents are filed with the court the judge will sign the final judgment granting the divorce.