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Divorce Mediation

Before A Divorce Is Filed

If both you and your spouse are ready to be divorced and you are ready to engage in a civilized, informative discussion of the issues, then hire a divorce mediator. The process can save both of you time, money, and can ease hostilities.


I am a divorce attorney. However, I will not be representing either one of you or both of you as an attorney. In my role as a mediator I am neutral. I will provide legal information to educate you on divorce issues and legal requirements but I will not provide legal advice which involves adversarial tactics and strategies.


The mediation process is confidential. During our meeting we will discuss the unique facts of your situation and possible solutions. I ask a lot of questions. I tend to be direct. We will start in a joint session but at some point I may want a private caucus with each of you separately to get clarification of your separate positions.


Set fault and blame aside. This is not therapy. This is not about rehashing what brought you to this stage in your life. It is about dividing assets, addressing support issues, and if there are minor children, discussing a parenting plan.

The initial fee is $360 which will cover the first two hours. Sometimes one session is enough to address and resolve all issues. If not, then at a minimum, the first session will leave both of you more focused on how to proceed. That way you can work through the issues at your pace instead of being at the mercy of the court’s timeline. It also gives you opportunities to gather documents, investigate facts and consult with attorneys, tax consultants, financial consultants, and other experts.


If the two of you reach an agreement on all the terms, then for a flat rate of $1800 (in addition to the rate for the mediation sessions) I will prepare all the documents that are needed for you to initiate an uncontested divorce within the court system.

Mediation Guidelines