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Attorney Jacob is a great attorney that helped me manage a very stressful time in my life. I would highly recommend him as a divorce attorney.
Tim Howard 8/01/2015
Steve was great! He made the process easy and clear. He was extremely prepared after only having one day to review my documents. Steve is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to family or friends in need of his services.
Lisa Duff 4/18/2019
Steven was patient and responsive to all my many questions. He provided information and when I asked for advice he came through.I would recommend him highly!
Sandy LONGO 5/01/2019
Steven was an excellent attorney! He was always quick to respond to me and happy to answer any of the number questions I constantly had. He was extremely knowledgeable and when my ex-wife's attorney wouldn't get anything done, he picked up the slack. I highly recommend Steven and really enjoyed working with him!Hunter
Hunter Woody 8/01/2016
Steven Jacob is an Attorney you can count on, he is quick to response to your calls and emails, he is a 5 stars defense divorce attorney. I have a complex divorce settlement issue. I am glad I called Steve Jacob.
Charles Polk 8/01/2017
Steve is a great guy and he gave me a lot of useful information. If I need to, I will definitely go back to him.
Shahram Ghadimi-Navai 8/01/2017
Best Attorney in Atlanta for sure. I retained Steve in 2017, actually I consulted with Mr Jacobs 5 times before filing. It was a very complicated case but everything he told would happen has. I ended up retaining another attorney not due to his incompetence but more of what I wanted which has proven fruitless. My Jacobs is very honest with his billing and doesn’t pad. He charged me less than 20% of what I’ve been charged with two different attorneys, actually I often wonder is he was doing me a favor.

Anyway, I’m still in the divorce process and there has been a total of six attorneys involved. I’m confident if I would have stuck with Mr. Jacobs it would have been over and much cheaper.

Like I said, he’s very knowledgeable, honest and a good person to talk to.
Jack Fayard 3/12/2019
Steven is a great attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone.
Yana Yalanouzian 8/01/2014
Steven’s temperament and approach was the right fit for me. He did a fine job defining my situation and following through efficiently with tasks at hand. As a small business owner I can appreciate doing business with another small business owner. Steven is a strong independent who delivers satisfaction in his field of work.
JR McDowell 4/25/2019
Extremely helpful. Very professional. Reasonable rates and no overbilling.
Darren Walker 8/01/2017
Steven made all the difference in working with me on post divorce matters. I only wish he was my Attorney for my divorce. He is excellent! Extremely professional, efficient and approachable. I highly recommend him!
Debbie Massengill 4/01/2019
I would highly recommend Mr. Jacob for anyone seeking a divorce attorney. Mr Jacob always answered my questions promptly, he explained the process thoroughly, and most importantly I felt totally confident going to trial with him over my case when it almost came to that. Mr. Jacob always advised me about the cheapest option in settling my case, and in the end we got the deal we wanted.
Robert Pierce 8/01/2018
I'm sure every divorce is challenging, but I can appreciate the professionalism and upfront realism that Mr. Jacob provided throughout the process. His attention to detail and forward thinking will help ensure the agreement generated will make the future more manageable.Comparing him to the other attorney involved, Mr. Jacob was head and shoulder above in knowledge and ability. I would highly recommend Mr. Jacob as your attorney, if you should have to unfortunately go down this path.
Karl Ellis 8/01/2016
Mr. Jacob couldn't have handled my situation any better. He is great at what he does and he cares about his clients. He tells them things how they are and makes them realize why they were even in his office to begin with. If you want your divorce handled professionally and with courtesy he is the person to go to. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Jacob.
Zeeshan Ahmad 8/01/2018
Steve is a very knowledgable, experienced and excellent person to,work,with. He listens carefully. Will consider alternative routes but will not just bend to your ideas if they are not good way to proceed. Honest guy.
Frank Masie 8/01/2017
Steve is a very attentive and a true asset during my divorce
Diane Johnson 8/01/2015
Thank you Mr. Jacob for your expertise!
Roger Jones 8/01/2016
Professional. Meticulous. Well-organized. Courteous. Understanding. Caring. Always Accessible. Thank you for being patient with me and my case.
Melina Bischoff 8/01/2015
Steven understood my situation, was empathic and patient while helping me resolve any issues that arose during the course of my case. Although the divorce was not easy for me, he made it simple by explaining the different steps to take, providing all the proper paperwork and filing in a timely manner. He provided updates along the way and responded to my inquiries quickly. I was referred to Steven by a friend and former client and would happily do the same.
Mike Prescott 8/01/2018
Steven Jacob provided excellent service and is extremely knowledgeable on the legal process. He was able to effectively address my concerns and provided sound advice. I am grateful to have worked with such an experienced attorney. He made a difficult process more tolerable. He definitely comes highly recommended.
Marcie Pettenon 8/01/2015
Steven cared about me as an individual and fought for me. His knowledge of the system is strong and he helped me to get the best possible result that I could have expected. My case was particularly complicated and he provided good advice throughout. You can't go wrong with Steven!
Rudy Blume 8/01/2017
Enjoyed working with Steven Jacob. Throughout the process he was very helpful and responsive. Thanks!
Kim Dodson 8/01/2017
Mr. Jacob is excellent attorney and was able to resolve my legal issues in a professional manner. He explained the process step by step and made sure I understood everything that was going to happen during the process. Whenever I had any questions he responded promptly. Overall I enjoyed doing business with Mr. Jacob.
Bob Biggs 10/01/2018
I meet with Steven recently to discuss my legal matter. I went in prepared which Steven appreciated and proceeded to walk me through everything outlined and provided legal guidance. Steven was attentive, listened to what I had to say and provided objective guidance. Thanks again Steven!
John W Mirando II 7/18/2019
He is a great attorney and person very professional give him a call find out for yourself thanks for your help
Ez Ezryder 8/01/2018
Prompt, responsive, and very effective. Steven's office is the place to go to get it done and get it done right!
Osman Inayat 8/01/2018
Mr. Jacob was very proffesional and efficient dealing with my matter.
Philip Kim 8/01/2015
Steven is fabolous attorney . It was almost a 8 months ago when I met him and discuss my case . It's been 8 years I was looking for divorce . And my case was one hell of complicated one ,as I live in USA and my wife lives in india. Mr. Steven understood my case and guided me though so smoothly . Having so much complication he found ways out of it and finally today I got my divorce . The best part is, his advice and the way he handle the matter . He does thorough study and guided me in appropriate way to make sure I save time and money. The charges were reasonable and the effforts that he put was more then worth . I highly recommend Mr. Steven. It's difficult to find honest and reasonable attorney now days . And he is the best one . As I met few attorney before I decided to hand over my matter to Mr. Steven. And he proved himself the best.. Mr.steven.. thank you so much for your time and effort. U gave me one more chance to have family and live happily.
Hitesh Patel 8/01/2018
If you're trying to choose a lawyer or decide if you might need to change your representation, I cannot stress enough that Steven Jacob is the right choice. I was losing confidence in the first lawyer I had hired and found Steven on google. After meeting with him I immediately switched even though it meant starting over at square one and wasting what I had paid my first lawyer. Steven did more in the first month than the other lawyer had done in the six months before, and charged me less for it. His hourly rate was a little higher, but he doesn't fluff up the invoice with filler items so he's still less expensive. Communication improved drastically as well. Steven made sure I knew what was going on, what the next steps were, what to expect, and how best to proceed. The results were better than I had dared to hope for. There's a lot of uncertainty when you're going through a divorce, especially when it's less than civil. Steven is the right person to get you through it and make sure you're still standing on the other side. I hope I'll never need his services again, but if I do he'll be my first call.
Michael Patrick 8/01/2017
I had an excellent experience with Mr Jacob as he handled my divorce. The whole process seemed overwhelming to me before I spoke with him, but he helped me through it with timely communication and great explanations. I feel like my interests were protected and I got the settlement I wanted. His rates were very easy to understand and affordable. He never wasted my time or money. I definitely recommend him to anyone facing a divorce.
Jason Adams 1/01/2019