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Divorce Attorney in Alpharetta, Georgia

Are you thinking about divorce? Whether you’ve made the final decision or just need some advice, count on Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law to help you. We are experts in all of the legal aspects of divorce and can guide you through the entire process, supporting and advocating for you every step of the way.

Divorce is a complicated process that can feel overwhelming because of the emotions involved, not to mention the many legal steps to be taken. There are many elements in the legal process of divorce including division of property, child custody and visitations, support and debt division. In order to make informed decisions about each of these elements, you’ll need a knowledgeable professional who can help you create an agreement that’s satisfactory for you. Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law specializes in divorce law and will be able to represent your interests throughout this difficult process.

In Alpharetta Georgia and the surrounding areas, Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law is the best option for a divorce lawyer. We know that divorce is tough. That’s why we listen to you during this difficult time and help create divorce terms that will help you move forward with your life. You can count on my experienced and professionalism to guide you through each decision. We will work hard to advocate for your rights and needs throughout the process.

At Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law, we always try to avoid the hassle and additional costs of taking things to court by resolving divorce through an agreement with your spouse’s lawyer. However, we also act and prepare for going to court throughout the time we process your case should it be necessary to use this alternative. Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law is experienced with the court system and will work hard to ensure that a strong case in your favor is developed.

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