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Custody and Support Modification in Alpharetta, Georgia

Do you need to make changes to your custody and support orders? While agreements are made as best as possible in the moment, life isn’t static. Things change. Circumstances change. You may suddenly find yourself without enough money to make ends meet for you and your child, or perhaps your ex’s parenting style has proved to have a negative impact on your child and you feel a need to adjust the custody agreement. In many cases such as these, custody and support modifications can be made with the help of a lawyer. Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law is your local expert in Alpharetta Georgia and the surrounding areas, specializing in custody and support modification cases.

When circumstances in life change, then you can request a custody and support modification. The law has certain requirements for these life changes, so you’ll need an expert such as Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law on your side to help ensure that you have a good case to request these modifications. Some common examples of big life changes that can result in custody and support modifications include: job loss, change in pay, becoming disabled and others.

For changes in custody, it must be proven that any modifications will be in the best interests of the child or children. Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law can help you determine what evidence and information will be helpful to make your case and assist you in finding a solution that will work better for your family.

Use the experience and advice lawyers of Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law to help you with your custody and support modification needs. There is nothing as valuable in life as your family and children. When it comes to making decisions about your family, choose the best, most knowledgeable and expert lawyers to have on your side. At Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law, we specialize in these cases. Don’t risk allowing a lawyer who practices many areas of law to try to navigate these complex legal waters. Choose the experts at Steven R. Jacob, Attorney-at-Law to handle your case and achieve the outcomes you deserve.

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