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When you hire Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law, you’re hiring a full service attorney with the experience and expertise you need.
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Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law operates holding high standards for work quality and service. It is our mission to provide our clients with the best experience in the area.
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If you’re looking for skilled, dedicated and experienced divorce lawyer, look no farther than Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law. Serving Alpharetta and Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding areas, Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law provides excellence in divorce related legal services. We help you achieve successful results and move on with your life.

Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at- Law is backed by years of legal experience specializing in divorce and family law. Whether you need some advice about filing for divorce, have already made your final decision or need to modify your custody and support terms, Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law can help. 

When it comes to divorce and family law, you need a supportive lawyer who is on your side. Divorce and family legal process are difficult and complex. You need an expert who is knowledgeable such as Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at- Law. We have specialized in this area of law. While other lawyers may cover everything from speeding tickets to employment law and divorce, we have taken the time to learn the intricacies of divorce and family law which means we are prepared to help you and provide the expertise you need.

Divorce Attorney in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia

At Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at- Law, we understand that law related to the family can feel overwhelming and especially difficult due to the emotions involved. Allow us to show you the compassion you deserve by listening to your needs and helping create a case that will achieve a satisfactory outcome. We will advocate and fight for you each step of the way from reaching an agreement out of court all the way through trial if necessary. 

Don’t try to navigate these challenging legal battles on your own or with subpar assistance from those who don’t specialize in divorce or custody and support law. Call Steven R. Jacob Attorney-at-Law for experience, expertise, knowledge and support. We’ll help you get through this difficult time in your life so that you can begin a new chapter.

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